Criminal Defense

The criminal justice process can be intimidating, but an experienced advocate can help you understand your options and protect your rights. The Law Office of Jenny C. Smith provides representation for defendants in all types of criminal and traffic cases, and in all stages of the process:

Charges in Municipal and Probate Courts

  • Local ordinance violations

  • Traffic citations

  • DUI

Charges in State and Superior Courts

  • Misdemeanor charges, including traffic violations; DUI; marijuana possession; underage alcohol; family violence; battery and assault; theft, trespass and other property crimes

  • Felony charges, including homicide; sex crimes; robbery; felony theft and property crimes; aggravated assault and aggravated battery

Post-Conviction Issues

  • Probation revocations

  • Sentence modifications

  • Appeals and related motions

  • Habeas actions

  • Petitions for removal from the sex offender registry

  • Record restriction

  • Restoration of rights